Flatbed Truck Services

Flatbed truck services in the western region & available nationwide.

Flat bed truck services in the western region & nationwide

J&D Transport offers flatbed trucking services in the Reno-Sparks area, western region, and nationwide.

Are you looking for a solution to moving heavy construction equipment, mining equipment, cranes, or military equipment?

Flatbed trucks are perfect for transporting cargo and equipment that does not require a dry van, or won’t fit within the standard dimensions of a trailer. These are ideal for oversized equipment, large construction equipment, or other machinery that will not fit within a typical trailer. The advantage of using a flatbed truck is that you are able to load and unload this shipment with cranes, or with forklifts from any angle.

You can trust our experienced drivers with transporting your heavy equipment to construction sites, warehouses, or wherever you need your equipment to go. We have multiple options to meet your jobs needs.

Nationwide Availability

J&D Transport has capacity for servicing the continental United States with our variety of trucking services.

Experienced Drivers & Updated Equipment

We provide our experienced team with updated equipment. Our trucks are newer, and all of our team members have years of experience in the industry.

Service Oriented

We care about the logistics as much as you do. Our team is detail oriented and keeps personal, customized plans for each job we ship.

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Our Flatbed Service Can Help You With:

  • Move Oversized Machinery or Equipment

  • Move Construction Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment Sales
  • Heavy Equipment Transportation
  • Flatbed or Lowboy Services

  • Move Mining Equipment
  • Move Military Supplies & Equipment

  • Move Cranes to/from Construction Sites
  • Construction Site Support

Let J&D Transport Serve All of Your Trucking Needs

We have multiple equipment options to meet your jobs needs. We have equipment with multi-axle options, support for specialized loads, beam or stretch trailers, deck extensions, and more.

Our local Sparks, Nevada office will work with you to create efficiency and a plan for your job situation.

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